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Power Member  

A Power Member is a member of both ATD National and the local chapter.

The benefit of belonging to both? You have research, tools, and practices built by leaders of the
profession AND you have the opportunity to apply those tools and knowledge toward economic
and workplace solutions that will directly improve your organization, community, and career.

For more information visit www.td.org/powermember.

Download a brochure about Power Membership.



Chapter members receive a discounted national membership rate:
1. Visit www.td.org/store. 
2. Select National Membership
3. Enter the chapter ChIP code 4054 to receive the discounted rate.
4. National will then forward payment to the Piedmont Chapter for your local membership.


Contact ATD Piedmont at chapteradmin@tdpiedmont.org or contact ATD Customer Care at 1.800.628.2783 or customercare@td.org 


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