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5 Reasons to Join the ATD Piedmont Board

02 Aug 2023 11:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Joining the ATD (Association for Talent Development) Piedmont Board of Directors can be a fulfilling and impactful opportunity for individuals passionate about talent development and learning. If you’re looking to add to your resume or take on a new role with some added spare time, check out these 5 reasons why you should consider joining the ATD Piedmont Board.

1. Leadership Development: There’s no better way to develop (or increase) your leadership skills than by serving on the Board of Directors. You'll gain experience in decision-making, strategic planning, team management, and conflict resolution, which can significantly enhance your leadership capabilities for future roles in the public and private sector. 

2. Networking Opportunities: Becoming a board member exposes you to a wide network of professionals in talent development and related industries. You'll also have the chance to connect with potential mentors and collaborators, expanding your professional connections. (Tip: The ATD International Conference and Expo and ATD Chapter Leadership conferences are two major must-attend events). 

3. Community Involvement: Board membership allows you to give back to the talent development community by organizing events, workshops, and programs. You'll contribute to creating valuable learning experiences for local professionals and help foster a sense of community. This may include special invitations to serve as mentors for college students and/or career-changers.

4. Industry Visibility: Are you looking to enhance your professional brand? Serving on the board can lead to enhanced recognition as a thought leader, speaker, or contributor, potentially opening doors to speaking engagements and other opportunities.

5. Personal Gratification: There’s nothing like giving back to your respective community, achieving professional goals, and making a difference in the lives of others. You will have the opportunity to work with a team of like minded individuals toward a common goal and leave your mark in the world of talent development. 

How to Apply: Visit the Board Nomination page and click on the role that interests you. If you have specific questions please contact us directly at

Official Address:

1959 N. Peace Haven Road, #225
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

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